About Jode

Jode Roberts is an artist, beekeeper, community builder, writer and perpetual schemer.

For more than a decade, Jode has been developing fun, engaging programs that connect urban residents with nature in their neighbourhoods. He currently works for the David Suzuki Foundation, leading the organizations’ national pollinator programs, including the Butterflyway Project, BIMBY (Bees in My Backyard) citizen science project and oddly successful #gotmilkweed campaign.

He has been creating acrylic, oil and encaustic paintings for almost twenty years. He has exhibited his work in more than a dozen group and solo shows in Toronto, and may have a show in late 2018 if things go as planned.

Jode began learning how to keep honeybees from his father-in-law nearly twenty years ago. Get in touch if you’d like some sweet local honey, gently harvested from rooftop hives in Toronto and backyard hives in Thornhill.

In addition to art, work and bees, Jode has also helped initiate a ton of neat community projects, like a lending library for street parties, musical bike parades and scale solar system art projects in city parks.

To get in touch, feel free to email him at joderoberts@gmail.com.

Or you can find out what he’s up to through his periodic Instagram updates.

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